Monday, May 23, 2005

How Do You Reply To This?

I like to think that I am generally good at comebacks. However, sometimes people manage to say things to me that just don’t give me a chance to produce a normal response, because there is none available! Here are a few examples. I have already posted in the past about how sometimes, I’d run into someone in church, and the person will tell me, “I haven’t seen you in a while”, and then just sit around and wait for me to say something. Problem is, what the heck do you say to this? You can either make excuses for having missed church, or try to prove that you hadn’t, in fact, missed church. Both responses seem incredibly lame to me, so usually, I just stare and say nothing.

Another one of my favorites, “You look sad”. Again, what am I supposed to say? Explain why I’m sad? Lame! Tell the person that I am, in reality, not sad? Lamer! My usual response to this is, “uh-uh”.

Last weekend, I heard a brand new one. I was at a party with Mr. Goldie and the kids, and one of the guests asked me if I worked for (name of my company). Turned out, she had had a job interview there, for a position in my department as a matter of fact. Out of nowhere, she says, “but I’ve got to tell you, that job is boring!”

What do I say to this? “Yes, my job is boring”? “No, my job isn’t boring”? Lame and lame! (For the record, my job is boring). What I said was, “I don’t really need an interesting job right now,” (pointing to my kids) “this is my interesting job”. You think I did OK on this one?

So, does it ever happen to you? Does anyone ask you questions that cannot be answered without making you sound, well, lame? Feel free to share!

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