Monday, May 16, 2005

The Return of The Spanking Moms

Guess who’s back, back again?
Emily’s back, tell a friend.

I stumbled upon these comments today, to an old post on spanking (old topics die hard, don’t they?) They pretty much speak for themselves. Figured I’d display them in a conspicuous place.

Comment #1 is actually two weeks old, somehow I missed it.

you said "After he told me, following one spanking administered by Mr. Goldie, that he hated life and wanted to kill himself, I stopped and told my husband to stop."

well he sure manipulated you didn't he? knew exactly how to get out of that spanking. and it worked too. outsmarted by your own kid

the Pearls are loving gentle parents. i am so sick of seeing them bashed. their children don't throw fits and whine and pout and cry. GCM, well all i see there is whining, pouting and crying, and screaming. children who throw temper tantrums at EIGHT yrs old. and upwards. i see moms who are exhausted and tired and don't want to be around their kids. i see parents who truly don't even LIKE their kids, yet pretend to b/c not to would be just horrible. if only they would teach their children to obey and control their emotions, they would be gentle too. i see women who have have HUGE problems in their marriages, b/c they won't yield to their dh's authority and spank that child, or stop co sleeping when dh wants to, or make the kid mind, or stop undermining dh's authority. i don't blame the pooor man. i wouldnt' want to be around most of those kids either.

also, the owner's being a pastor is certainly not a good recommendation (although actually Crystal LUtton is NOT the owner,e Jeri is.) women are to keep silent in the church, and are not to be pastors. (a little hard for a woman to be 'the husband of one wife'). so if you are trying to say she should be believed b/c she is a scholar of the Bible and pastor, well her theology is messed up fromt he get go. and i have read several things there that show me that her children are terrible and so are the other moderators and administarators children.

Thank you GOD, that i didn't listen to this type of non punitive garbage that these poor women are buying into. Thank God for a better way.
a gentle mom who spanks 04.30.05 - 4:38 am #

Comment #2 – left today, by whom else but my old friend Emily:

To Gentle Mom, remember, regarding Goldie's decision to stop spanking her son after he threatened to kill himself, "There's a sucker born every minute."
Emily Email 05.16.05 - 1:15 pm #

Can anybody give me one reason why I have to accept the insulting, mudslinging, through and through judgmental individuals as some sort of parenting experts? Why should I follow any advice on parenting from people who obviously weren’t raised properly themselves, as they lack the basic good manners?

I have never said that I want to have quiet, obedient children at any cost. My parenting goals are different. I am raising caring people and independent thinkers, to the best of their abilities. I am not strictly anti-spanking, but I am not pro-spanking either. I have always suspected that parents who consider spanking a necessary part of parenting, have serious issues. The above two comments have confirmed my suspicion.

Gentle Mom, next time you comment on this blog, have some guts and leave a valid email address. Emily, you need to watch what you’re saying, or you won’t be able to say it on my blog anymore. Come on people, if you want to insult my children or my friends, at least have the common decency to not do it here. Get your own site – it’s easy, and it’s free!

The ironic thing, of course, is that I never really managed to fit in on GCM – I am not better or worse than the majority of their posters, I’m just different. In fact, today I was going to write a post on WOHM-bashing that I experienced, among other places, over there. How I am going to write it now, I have no idea. The militant spanking moms have thrown me off track completely, by forcing me to defend the forum from their insults! Gee thanks!

The Goldie has spoken at 2:09 PM

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