Thursday, May 05, 2005

Morning Rants From Me!

Not everyone in my family is as forgiving as my son (see post below), so, here goes!

Rant 1

To all that come to my site looking for “stomac flu” (and I would’ve said nothing if there weren’t dozens of these searches). That’s not how you spell it. Problem is, if you really do have stomach flu, you don’t want to get information on it from my 12-year-old. What he has to say on the subject is definitely funny, but it’s not helpful! I’m genuinely worried about you guys! Don't take his advice, whatever it is; go see a doctor!

Rant 2

If I am in the right lane on a freeway, and going 9 miles over speed limit, and you are behind me and want to go 20 miles over, then don’t friggin tailgate me! Just pass me on the left! It’s called passing lane for a reason! You’re scaring me half to death and you’re not making me go faster. Because I’m in the right lane for a reason too, you know. I have five speeding tickets in the last six years and my husband would be super mad if I get another!

This reminds me: I saw the coolest bumper sticker yesterday. Get this.


Below, in small print: Mess with my car and you'll find out.

Hee hee... beautiful...

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