Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A Very Busy Week

This week is Holy Week by the Orthodox calendar. It’s going to be a very busy week for our family. Don’t worry, I’ll still post – last Sunday, when we were snowed in, I wrote three posts, figuring that this should cover me for the week. One up, two to go.

In case you’re interested what we do for Holy Week, here goes. Normally, on Palm Sunday, they have a luncheon in church, so we stay for that. Then in the evening, we go back for confession. This year, we didn’t do any of that, due to tons of snow in the area, and humongous tree branches sitting in my driveway. (By the way, I drove through the area for the first time this morning and it looks like a hurricane just hit. Broken trees and chopped-off branches everywhere. School was out yesterday, not because of snow, but due to a major power outage. Wow.) Anyway, yesterday, the kids and I went for confession. Came back home at 10PM.

Wednesday morning, there is a service at 6:45 AM. The kids have already bailed, but I want to go, if I manage to get up that early. Friday, I take off work and K9 takes off school and I take him to church for an all-day Good Friday program for the kids. I will most likely be volunteering at the said program. Then there’ll be a service from 3 till 4 PM. Last year when we were there, K9 decided to follow the service by the book we had. It went very well and I was so proud of my highly spiritual son, until, during a reading from a book of Job, I turned the page and saw the next sentence that was about to come up: “And he had a thousand she-asses”. I tried to cover the words in the book and my son's mouth at the same time, but it was too late. K9 saw them, and let out a loud SNORT. Everyone in church turned around and looked at us, and we of course wanted to disappear. I’m not sure how we will get around the thousand she-asses this year.

I12 won’t be there, because, a)he’s too old to be in the kids program, and too young to volunteer, and b)his class is going on a field trip.

Friday at 7PM, I’m going back to church. This one Russian lady and I have been going to the evening service together since 1998. Cannot miss it. I’ll get back home at 10:30, tired to the bone.

Saturday, I’ll be getting ready for Sunday’s party.

Saturday night, K9 and I are going to church again. It starts at 11PM, and ends at 2 in the morning. We did it last year and K9 did great! He had to come outside for fresh air a couple times, but he did very well.

Sunday afternoon, our friends are coming over. It is a tradition that started a few years ago. I had this cousin-in-law (if that’s even a word – she was married to my cousin, but she isn’t anymore) that I don’t really like or get along with. She left a message on our phone saying that she was inviting us to the park for an Easter picnic. So next morning, I emailed all of my friends and told them we were having an emergency party and I really needed them to please please please show up. They said they’d be there. So I then called my cousin’s wife and told her that we were sorry, but we’d already invited people over and we couldn’t come. The party went well, so we’re doing it every year now. The beauty of our group is that we all have sons about the same age – a total of six boys age 7 to 14. They get along very well, and have a great time together, not to count that New Year’s eve at our friends’ when they wrecked the master bedroom and dropped a painting on the floor. Well, there was also that one time when they took a closet door off its hinges, but that one was purely accidental! Outside of that, they’re little angels! Of course, if you don’t count that one other time at our friends’ when they shot holes in the basement walls with a BB gun. I’m sure they were aiming for the target! They just missed a little! Guys sometimes miss, you know? Can you tell I’m already looking forward to the party?

So, bottom line, this is the busiest week of the year for us; I’ll try to visit everybody’s blogs, but I’m not sure; I’ll put up some “prepackaged” posts; and, Thursday night, I’m going to have Mr. Goldie hide my laptop where I cannot find it. He’ll give it back to me on Sunday evening… I hope! So, if I fall off the radar screen, you know where I am!

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