Thursday, May 05, 2005

Life Lessons From K9

Disclaimer: my son is not always this wise. It only happens on a very rare occasion; that’s why I try and document it.

It is interesting, however, that third-graders seem to know what not all grown-ups have yet figured out.

Lesson 1

K9 is telling me what it takes to be popular in school these days:

“… and you need to earn respect.”

“How do you earn respect?” (you can imagine what went through my head… do you have to have a girlfriend? do you have to punch everyone who tries to disrespect you? do you have to act cool? what?...)

“You have to get along with everyone” (pause) “except for complete jerks.”

Whew! I think I can live with that!

Lesson 2

K9 and his two friends got into an argument with a girl in school. She then went to a teacher and complained that they didn’t want to play with her because of her skin color. Needless to say, all three boys were in a state of shock!

“Mom, how could she even say that! I don’t care what color people are. To me, everyone is green!

These are all the lessons for now… stay tuned!

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