Monday, May 02, 2005

Very Tired, But Still Alive

I am back. Thanks to everyone who visited this place while I was gone. The weekend was good. Yesterday’s party was great. The kids did not break anything this time because they were busy playing on the computers, GBA, DS etc.

Hamster Alert

K9’s friend is giving away a free hamster... no, scratch that, the hamster’s not free, it’s in a cage… he’s giving it away for free. K9 wants the hamster; Mr. Goldie and I don’t. K9 has written up a business proposal three pages long, addressed to us, trying to lure us into accepting the hamster. I will post it later as I don’t have it with me right now. All I remember is a few disconnected sentences such as “a 60-dollar value for FREE”, “it’s a win-win situation”, and the winner – “and I will stop asking you for a PSP”. The male guests at our party had a blast trying to figure out how K9 plans to use a hamster in place of a PSP. (Don’t know why, but middle-aged guys can come up with some pretty violent ideas involving hamsters.)

I will let you know whether the hamster becomes a part of our household. The jury is still out on that one.

Hello, Middle Age

I woke up this morning with a major hangover from red wine. Talk about getting old!

The Massacre

I bought a 50 Cent CD over the weekend and I broke it open on Sunday and I’m liking it! How embarrassing is that?!

I12 Gets a Blessing

On Saturday night (1 AM… make that Sunday morning), K9 and I (we just got back from church) came into I12’s room to say Happy Easter. I12 was sitting in a chatroom. K9 takes one look at the screen and busts out laughing. Here’s what someone wrote:

“I12, you should never lose your I12-ness. That’s what makes you unique”.

What can I say… there’s definitely a lot of uniqueness in our family, and I12 has the most of it…


Get this. In our church, at the Holy Friday afternoon service, they don’t say “and he had a thousand she-asses” anymore. Instead, they say “a thousand donkeys”. Once again, K9 is the trendsetter. (His last trendsetting episode was on Christmas Eve ’97, when he tripped in front of a Christmas tree in our church and fell right on top of a porcelain nativity scene, breaking one of the figurines. They never put a nativity scene under the tree again. Yes, I offered to buy a new one or pay for the one my son had broken.)

I’d tell you more, but I am already tired from too much typing.

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