Wednesday, May 18, 2005

“I’m Missing, Biatch!”

Wow. Dave Chappelle has been gone for two weeks and I had no idea. No one said anything in my part of the Internet. I just found out by accident this afternoon.

You know what I think, though? I think this was a PR move. Or, if it isn’t, it should’ve been. Let’s face it, while the first season of Dave’s show was way, way cool, the second kind of sucked. I mean, my kids stopped watching the show. What does it tell you, when an 8-year-old and an 11-year-old are actually allowed to watch a show full of swear words, racial jokes, and dirty humor, and they don’t? That the show must be really boring, right? I quit watching ages ago, for the same reason. It cannot be just the Goldie family. I mean, if the show’s as successful as they now say it is, then why did they move it off prime time and closer to midnight? I bet a lot of people quit watching, that’s why.

But, if Dave does come back, and does, indeed, shoot something new, will everybody watch? Will they tune in for at least five minutes, to see how ol’ Dave is doing? You bet!

So what do you think? Did Dave have a Jennifer Wilbanks moment, or was it all carefully staged?

The Goldie has spoken at 5:27 PM

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