Thursday, September 11, 2008

Musical Thursday; literary ponderings

It's been very hectic since CB's injury last weekend, so one thing led to another and I missed my Musical Hump Day. Here's the video. It is, once again, a song that was popular when I was a kid. Do you know that the guy who sings it died at 42? Do you know I will be 42 next year? Or will I?... Scary, scary thoughts. Anyway here's the video. Joe Dassin, "Champs Elysees". The place that I will never see, the way this recession is unfolding.


I'm reading The Stand now, and have gotten to the place where the superflu kills 99% of the population. I love the book; one thing I noticed, though - how come every one of the survivors is a WASP? Congratulations, Stephen King, you killed off all Blacks but one, all Asians, all Latinos, all immigrants. Didn't want any of your survivors to speak with an accent, eh? Oh, and the Jews, too? Again??? Well good job on your ethnic cleansing, and screw you.

Ahhhh, I kid. I like Stephen King. Funny though how all of them really are WASPs. Check for yourself.


CB on the other hand, is reading Oliver Twist as his school assignment. There was a list to choose from, but the teachers hinted to all kids in the gifted program that they would really benefit from the hardest book on the list. You know, what with their amazing brains and all. So this is what CB and his friend have been reading for the last two weeks. Here are their thoughts on the book, as of yesterday:

"Mom, can you believe it, in Oliver Twist, there is a character called Bates. And Oliver has to call him Master. Get it? Master Bates?"

Aw, the dickens.

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