Sunday, August 31, 2008

Life Is Not Fair

One of the things I heard at Thursday's parent conference that made me sad, was that our school district's gifted ed coordinator has retired. I had a good relationship with the woman and I will miss her. She has known LilProgrammer since he was 7. I enrolled him in a daily camp called Camp Invention and she was running it. Later on when LP started having trouble in school, some teachers were all for kicking him out of advanced classes and she gave him her support. When LP was diagnosed with Aspergers, she called a meeting between all his teachers, the guidance counselor, and LP's therapist. The meeting was very helpful and productive. I wrote about these things in my Aspie Digest; the link is on my sidebar. For two years in a row, at the beginning of a school year, she put together a packet and sent it to each of LP's new teachers. In the packet was an introductory letter along the lines of "there's a kid in your class this year who has Aspergers, and this is what it is and how to work with it" along with a few printouts/copies of materials on teaching an Aspie. At parent orientations, I've had teachers come up to me and tell how much the packet helped them understand my son. Bottom line, LP would be having a much harder time in school right now and would be enrolled in a lot less honor/AP classes is it wasn't for this woman.

I just gave the news to LP and he doesn't know who the hell she is.


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