Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Musical Hump Day - The Sax Is Amazing!

Now my door was standing open, security was laid back and lax, but it was only my heart got broken, you must have had a pass key made out of wax... You know who you are. Yes, guilty as charged, I love love love Mark Knopfler. Ahhh... if only we weren't both married, and he wasn't like my father's age. Plus something about being a celebrity and living overseas. If not for those minor details... hey, who knows?

Enjoy. I did.

A side note to my two and a half readers, my week is going to be pretty frantic - we have our church festival and our city carnival going on at the same time. CB wants to work at the former and go to the latter. I will be working at the festival, too. We're hardly going to be home this week. Will probably gain a pound or ten also, from all the festival/carnival food. Wish me luck.

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