Friday, August 08, 2008

Camping; Another Video; Waiter Rant

We are going camping with friends and will return Sunday evening, probably in no condition to type. I leave you with Mr. Goldie's favorite song that, for some reason, reminds us both of camping (see if you can guess why).

Also, if you haven't been to Waiter Rant lately, get on over there! His book came out last Tuesday and is about to make the NY Times bestsellers list, and he's been on every TV and radio show known to man. I first visited Waiter Rant in 2005 or 2006, following a lead from Ajooja, and was hooked instantly. To me, this is ultimate blogger justice. Nice guy with a writing talent and a keen understanding of people makes it big, and he didn't even have to sell out his kids for that, like a few other big-name bloggers we all know. (I will spare you the links.) To me, as a blogger and wannabe writer, this is highly symbolic. We also finally got to see a picture of The Waiter and he's cute. Yes, I bought the book, and it is going camping with me.

Enjoy your weekend. Here's the song I promised.

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