Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Musical Hump Day

When Matt Taibbi, while undercover at John Hagee's boot camp, was asked to speak in tongues, he rattled off the lyrics to this song:

"Let it out, Matthew," the coach repeated, clutching my forehead. "Just open your mouth."
I shrugged and rattled off the lyrics to the song "What is Autumn?" by the Russian rock band DDT:
What is autumn? It's the sky The crying sky below your feet. Flying about in puddles are the birds and clouds. Autumn I've not been with you for so long!
It's actually a beautiful song, but with my eyes rolled back in my head and recited in Russian it sounded demonic enough.
"Hmm, very good," my coach said. "Good job, Matthew."
I kept going, on to the next verse. "What is autumn? It's a stone..."
"OK, that's good," the coach said, annoyed, moving on to the next guy.

Guess what, there's a third verse, too. Enjoy. "Autumn", by DDT.


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