Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bloggy Randomness; Musical Hump Day

  • I have noticed that a lot of my readers (okay, that was an oxymoron, so let's try again)... the majority of my readers come here via a google search for "flash your boobs". Let me make a disclaimer right now - I will not flash my boobs, nor do you want me to flash my boobs. I celebrated my 40th birthday last year and I have two kids whom I breastfed for 5 and 21 months, respectively. So I don't really know what you're looking for, people. Sheesh. Perverts.
  • Another popular search is "K9 love". Don't do it with my dog; don't consider doing it with my dog; don't fantasize about doing it with my dog; you have been warned.
  • Crap, it seems that I'm going to have to find myself a new hero as my current one is on her way out. If you think you'd qualify, leave a link to your site in the comments and I'll take a look. Unless you're into K9 love, in which case, don't bother. Also, if you do buy from her, how bout a decent-sized finder's fee?

In other news, the number of my visitors is now consistently over ten per day (dang, it's hard starting your site over again), so I decided to do something nice for you guys, like starting a weekly feature. The name I chose for it is Musical Hump Day and I'm going to post YouTube links to random old songs that you've probably never heard about. Here's the first one. Believe it or not, it dominated the dance clubs in my home town when I was fifteen. We had no idea what the lyrics were about. We thought the song was about a draftsman-designer. Here ya go - Designer Music by Lipps Inc. Happy Hump Day to all ten of you!

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