Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Opinions; New Bash.org; Weekend

Like a good mommyblogger, I still swipe material from my kids when I get a chance. This is CB's new forum sig. I love it, and cannot believe my son's genius.

"Opinions are like penises, they are best kept unrevealed in public."

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I have a new favorite read that I will add to my sidebar when I get a chance. Behold the new bash.org, Favrd. If only I could tweet like those guys. Alas, most days all I can do is croak.

I plan on getting most of my election coverage from this site. It may not be accurate, but hey it will reflect the voice of the people. Plus, it will be funny.

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So how was your long weekend? Mine consisted of these events, in this order:

- Friday: CB's friend asks to sleep over when there would be no adults in the house till around midnight. Friend's dad grants permission. I grant a "whatever".
- Mr. Goldie leaves for a five-day fishing trip.
- Poker night. Return at 12:30 AM. Make beds for CB and friend.
- Saturday: Go see Tropic Thunder with CB and friend. Possibly the best movie of the year. And to think that, if it wasn't for all the "come picket with us" emails, I wouldn't have even thought of seeing it.
- Dinner out with CB and friend. Friend leaves.
- First feedback. From my writing class. Very helpful letter from my instructor. Where she says. I need to stop using run-on sentences.
- Eight loads of laundry.
- Sunday: iron.
- Walk the dog four miles in 85 degree heat. Dog still energetic upon return. What a waste.
- CB and I go to an outdoor concert with friends. A friend greets CB with, "I never thought you liked this kind of music". Drive home only takes an hour and a half instead of estimated two hours. Home at 12:30 AM.
- Monday: leisurely morning is interrupted by a trip to urgent care with LP. I didn't even know kids could have... oh never mind.
- Raging headache. Gee, I wonder why. Spend the rest of day fighting headache.
- We all agree this has been a "fun weekend".
- Tuesday... everything hurts.
- What is this "work" you speak of?

This is my weekend. How was yours?

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