Monday, June 12, 2006

Monday Ponderings

Questions that I was unable to resolve over the weekend:

1) How do you tell a goth from an emo? We saw plenty of both at our local church carnival last weekend. ChinchillaBoy would take one look at them and go, "This is a goth", or, "This is an emo", but he wouldn't tell me how he does it. He told me that, one, "goths are a more serious version of emos", and, two, "emos wear more makeup than goths because they want attention", but I'm still confused.

2) When you go out shopping and tell your kid to take care of the dog, and he calls you an hour later to tell you, "Don't worry Mom, the dog is fine, I wrapped him in your blanket and I gave him your pillow" - does this count as following your orders, or the opposite?

3) How can a 10yo kid go on twenty rides in a row, complain that his stomach is about to leave his body via his mouth, and still be able to eat a hearty helping of junk food?

4) Why cannot they have a special area for bored parents at the carnival, with nice, soft chairs, wine and cheese booth, and maybe some magazines lying around?

5) If Mr. Goldie goes fishing, and I hope and pray that he doesn't actually bring home any fish, because I do not much enjoy the nasty taste of the city fish that feeds on who-knows-what, does that make me an unsupportive wife?

6) Why do my users never call me while I'm running around taking the kids to the carnival, walking the dog, and otherwise running myself ragged, thereby giving me a valid excuse to go home and get some rest, but then call me with an emergency issue just as I am ready to crash at midnight?

7) Why am I sitting in the office and writing this post when I really want to go out for lunch and get away from it all?

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