Monday, June 26, 2006

He’s Single, And I Have His Number

Last week, I was in so much hurry to leave the office one evening that I left my Blackberry sitting on a lunchroom counter. By the time I realized it, turned around, and drove the 15 miles back to the office, the device was gone. I didn't worry much as it is password protected and nobody can use it anyway; plus, it being in my own office, I doubted that someone had taken it for themselves. I figured that whoever had found it, took it with them for safekeeping.

I had to find the person and ask for my device back, so I called its number. A male voice answered, and the following conversation ensued.

I: Hi, can I have my Blackberry back?
Guy: Excuse me????
I: Well I believe you have my Blackberry. Can I have it back please?
Guy: Who are you?
I: This is Goldie. I’m calling my cell phone number.
Guy (sounding really worried at this point) Nononono, my name is Lyle. I live with my mom...
I (cutting Lyle off): Is this 123-4567?
Lyle: No, this is 120-4567.
I: Oops, sorry. Wrong number. Bye.

In retrospect, I should have heard Lyle out. He sounded like he wanted to tell me more about himself.

Anybody interested?

The Goldie has spoken at 10:14 AM

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