Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Oh No! It’s the BOBs!

I had wanted to start this post with a joke, but finally decided against it.

No… the temptation is too strong. Alright, alright, I’ll do it. I’m doing it already! So. What do http://sigcarlfred.blogspot.com/ and http://www.micheleagnew.com/ have in common?

You guessed it right! Both were last year’s BOB finalists!

And this year, the new lists of finalists are up! (Well, most of them…)

I’ve gone and poked around and I am truly amazed at the amount of seriously cool blogs out there. Compared to them, I am a pathetic waste of bandwidth. I am not worthy. I’m shutting down this site…


But, seriously, go check the finalists. They’re new, and they’re awesome. I spent a good half of this afternoon reading this site. It is so good, it has by now inspired me enough that I can go home and cook dinner and clean my chinchilla’s cage (yuck) and feel good the whole time I’m doing it. One thing I realized while reading these girls' blog, though, is that I’m never moving to NYC. That city will eat me alive. Look what happened to poor George Costanza.

And, would you look at that? Our dear friend Miguel is in the finals for the most inspirational blog! Okay, now I need to know how I vote on that thing, because I really, really want Miguel to win. (Of course, half the time, I cannot read Miguel's posts, because they're not in Russian. Please forgive me, Miguel.)

I think BOBs is a very cool way to get the new people into the light and make them known, so we can all, you know, read them and stuff.

PS. Robbie, if you need to comment, please be gentle. Mwah!

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