Tuesday, December 27, 2005

So Tired

So, how's everybody doing?

How was your guys' Christmas? Got any cool presents? Hey, how about we play a little game. If there's anyone in here whose kid had spiked a 104 fever during the Christmas party, raise your hands.

If your hand is up, yay! Welcome to the club.

(It was LilProgrammer. He's feeling better now.)

So, our Christmas Eve consisted of, first, eating and drinking and having fun with our friends; and then, for the next few hours, of running around like a pair of chickens with their heads cut off, trying to decide whether to take LilProgrammer to the ER or wait till morning. (Mr. Goldie managed to scare me into sobriety by saying "high fever causes brain damage".) We don't know if any brain damage did, in fact, occur, but LilProgrammer has hooked himself back up to the Internet, and has spent the last two days reading Maddox. Should we worry?

I spent Christmas Day in front of the TV, recovering from the whole thing. And I cannot tell you what we did yesterday, but it involved the NiceGuys, all the rest of our friends, and a fair amount of physical work (which I personally needed anyway, after all the good stuff I had eaten at holiday parties). So, I'm kind of tired right now. I just wasted all the energy I had on nominating a bunch of cool blogs for the BOBs. (Hey, that was the only way I could get my name to appear on that site.) I think they said we have ten days left to nominate our nominees, so I would get on with the nominating if I were you. Go there and do it!

ChinchillaBoy's best friend has come over. I think they're going through our candy stash, so I guess I have to go now. Take care, all!

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