Monday, December 19, 2005

Lucky There’s A Man Who Positively Can Do

I don’t care much for politics, or TV. I hardly ever follow the news, and I watch very few select shows.

Last night, as ChinchillaBoy and I sat down to watch the new Family Guy, I noticed that Peter had lost weight. Not only that, he was also wearing a suit and a tie. Then I took a closer look and said to myself, Wait a minute.

That’s not Peter!

In fact, I don’t think this is Family Guy at all!

What can I say? That’s one way to get a large audience that will hang on to your every word and won’t go anywhere… because it’s waiting for the new Family Guy episode to begin!

Why, some of them may even cover your speech in real time. Check out this thread on Newgrounds BBS (voice of the future generation… the forum population is 90% male and most members are less than sixteen years old):

HAcoreRD Posted: 12/18/05 09:05 PM
turn on channel 5 and listen to his speech. Bush stole family guy from America!

Minion777 Posted: 12/18/05 09:09 PM
Thats it. Hes not getting my vote this time.

-Mooperty- Posted: 12/18/05 09:13 PM
Are YOU a defeatist?

-wwwyzzerdd- Posted: 12/18/05 09:16 PM
"Now I'd like to speak to you who oppose my decision to send troops into Iraq..."

OMG OMG OMG he's talking to me!!!
: k, act cool.

_Joe_ Posted: 12/18/05 09:28 PM
Notice how they didn't interrupt The War At Home or American Dad?

The_Christmas_Hippy Posted: 12/18/05 09:31 PM
I'm a republican,but you don't mess with Family Guy.

pepeatumi Posted: 12/18/05 09:39 PM
yeah Bush stepped over the line tonight starting a war is one thing but trying to take Family guy away from us that's too much.

Read the full coverage here

Seeing as I’m not into politics, I won’t comment on the address itself, except maybe to say this. The way I understood it, we’re not going to pull out of Iraq in foreseeable future, simply because real men don’t pull out, period, end of story. I have to disagree here. As far as I’m aware, real men do pull out very rapidly, as soon as they realize they’re in the wrong hole. There’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of here.

See? I told you I don’t know squat about politics. So I better shut up now.

The Goldie has spoken at 9:30 AM

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