Monday, January 30, 2006

Diamond Dogs

I have to interrupt my scheduled programming with this announcement.

I think I’m in love with a guy named Dave.

Dave is single, and totally available, and I believe he likes me too. As you understand, there are problems. First of all, Dave is a lot younger than I am. Also, while my son ChinchillaBoy loves Dave almost as much as I do, I fear that LilProgrammer will be afraid of Dave. Another thing is that Dave's upkeep will cost me a lot of money, and I cannot get Mr. Goldie to agree that Dave needs to come live with us. Dave is a three-month-old Siberian husky.

ChinchillaBoy and I met Dave yesterday, when we went to see a new pet store that has just opened in our area. It’s called Petland and it’s the best pet store I have ever been to. They have chinchilla supplies that I didn’t even know existed (our Nicky loved their pumice stone for 99 cents a piece!) I have made a few inquiries today and they really are very animal-friendly. And they have Dave for sale.

When we first saw Dave in a cage, and said something like “awww, he’s cute”, a salesperson asked us if we wanted to play with him. “But we’re not buying,” we explained. “That’s fine; we need to socialize our pets.” The store has socialization rooms where you can go and they bring you a pet to play with. Dave didn’t want to part with us. When it was time for us to leave, he grabbed my arm with his front paws and wouldn’t let go. That was so adorable. ChinchillaBoy and I spent the rest of our day today sighing and going, “I wonder what Dave is doing”. The rest of our family, however, freaked out. Plus, we’re not ready. We’re not ready physically, we don’t have enough knowledge yet to raise a dog, and we’re not ready financially either. Dave is probably very expensive. So, I’m afraid, he’ll have to go live with somebody else, and get a different name. See, it was me and ChinchillaBoy that decided he looked like a Dave. No one else knows. Well, Dave does. We told him.

Anyway, it is an awesome pet store and I strongly encourage you to go there for your pet supplies. If you see Dave, tell him we said hi!

The Goldie has spoken at 3:42 PM

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