Friday, January 13, 2006

A Blog That Made Me Think

Two days ago, I caught my son LilProgrammer reading this.

Since I believe my duty as a mother to be snooping on my kids as they navigate the wide world of the Internet, I went over there for a quick read. I’ve got to tell you, after the first few posts, I was freaking out. I was all, Who’s this woman? She is evil! And she obviously hates her students!

But she sure can write.

So the next day, I came back and read some more. As I was moving on from post to post, I realized that the author is, in fact, a very kind person who loves and protects her students. Check out this touching story about how she saved a little girl from the attack of an evil lunch lady:

"Lindsay's account was 35 cents short of a lunch. Thirty-five fucking pennies. The lunch lady throws an office pass her way and tells her to go call home.

This incenses me. NO ONE talks to MY tards in such a rude manner, especially not some bitch-ass low-rent money counter.

I snatch the office pass from Lindsay and hand it back to the lady, telling her "Lindsay will get her lunch now, and we will call home later."

She says no, that the balance must be paid right then. Lindsay is in tears at this point. She is hugging me, hysterically crying. She looks at the lunch lady and, in between crying fits, tells her that her mom spent her last ten dollars on scratch tickets, and none of them were winners.

This revelation breaks my heart, and the fact that the bitch-ass lunch lady had made Lindsay say this, in front of everyone, made me angry beyond reason. I lost it.

I take off one of my shoes, and slam it down on her little table. I tell her that she may keep my shoe until I am able to retrieve 35 cents from my classroom.

All my tards are staring at me, completely silent. Lindsay has stopped crying and is staring at me. I tell her to go get her lunch, that it was OK.


I call for the principal and tell him what had just occurred. I tell him that her behavior is not OK with me. He agrees, and I ask if he would take her the 35 cents, and bring me back my shoe. He does, and also has a little talk with her. "

And to think I almost missed all that because of some swear words and politically incorrect terminology.

So, if you are in search of weekend reading, I recommend this site to you. Start here and keep going until you’re done. There are 77 posts in all. The author is (or, rather, was) a special ed teacher so she writes about her experience. Thanks, LilProgrammer, for the link.

Have a good weekend, all.

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