Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Year in Obscurity: My Blog Turns 1

Well, dear all, it’s finally my turn to do the “Blogaversary” (yuck, who came up with that word?) post. Exactly one year ago, I opened an account on Blogger and wrote my first post: to the tune of “Hello, World”. The world largely ignored it.

Then I wrote my first decent post. Both my friends loved it. No one else saw it.

Then, I started getting around and making friends. I met a lot of people through SC&A, back when he wrote about parenting and ripped on crappy blogs. Those were the days. These days, his posts are so politically inclined, they fly straight over my head.

I also made many friends over at Jay’s (no link here cuz the site is gone). Holley is a great online friend; and it was thanks to Jen that I was able to have my son, LilProgrammer, tested for Aspergers. The doctor was against it, until I told him, “Listen, people conclude that my son may have AS just from reading posts on my blog. Can we at least get him checked for it?” Hooray for Jen! Too bad Jay’s site is gone. Holley and I never did win the Blogging For Books contest, which is a bummer, because, as you all know, we are most deserving (and we made it to the finals together once).

I also actually met someone from my neighborhood. I’m not naming any names, but you probably read this person every day. And here I thought I was living in boring, Midwestern suburbia, where nothing ever happens. Boy, was I wrong!

Okay, who else? Mamacita is like the teacher I never had (and a good friend too – check out her today’s post on who’s cool and who’s not in the blogosphere, and why all this hierarchy is really a giant load of bull). John reminds me of an old online friend from my forum days. My friend went by the name of Ernest and he was a highly creative individual. The most memorable event occurred when Ernest decided to quit the forum and made a good-by post, whereupon we found out that he had been posting as at least five different forum members, who by the way used to have hilarious conversations with each other. As for Arethusa, she reminds me of myself when I was her age, except of course she’s way smarter and she doesn’t drink quite as much as I used to. And the list goes on and on and on.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say here is that, while I did not achieve fame and fortune, I met some very cool people and I learn from them every day. In a way, I got a lot more than I’d been hoping for.

As for my blog, it remains obscure and puny. You know how, on their blog’s anniversary, most people would start their posts with: “Well, my blog is now one year old and over the year, I got thirty thousand hits”? Well, my blog is one year old and, as of last night, I had a whopping 8,238 hits! And half of them come from people searching for “naked preteens” and “K9 spanking” (sighs). So, that makes my blog officially puny.

I decided I’d google image “puny blog” and show you the results, but all that came up was some people’s babies. I ended up googling “small and happy” and here I got a picture of someone’s really cute dog. Here it is. May it remind you of my blog for years to come.

PS. In best traditions, I’m going to have a rerun of my first decent post here. You know how it goes: “I created my blog, and I posted for a few days, and then finally I came up with a really neat post… and nobody saw it.” I’m going to bump mine up today. Stay tuned.

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