Sunday, March 27, 2005

Train Wreck Watcher Mentality

Update: I had to take the link down because people are coming over here looking for the Jeff Weise flash, and it hasn't exactly been my intention to point them to it.

Sorry to spoil everybody's Easter, but this is what's going on right now. This is what our kids are doing right now.

K9 has brought my attention to this link. To be honest, I hope that, by the time you click on it, it no longer works (yeah, dream on , Goldie...)

As many of you are aware, Jeff Weise, the perpetrator in last week’s school shooting, posted a flash animation on Newgrounds about six months ago.

The animation is now on Newgrounds’ front page. My first thought was that it had been done in order to generate traffic. The explanation from the Newgrounds staff, however, says:

After much debate we have decided to feature Jeff Weise's Flash entry, Target Practice, on our front page. Now that the media is reporting as the site where Jeff posted his Flash entries we have had an increase in traffic. These visitors are heavily searching out Jeff's work so we have decided to make it easier for them to find. This will hopefully help alleviate the strain they are putting on our database server caused by their searches.

Even more amazing is the fact that there have been about 600 comments and 1800 reviews posted on Jeff’s movie in the past three days, by teenage kids. These are our kids. Coming over in droves to leave a comment for the dead guy. This is our next generation.

I’m not sure why, but this makes me incredibly sick. By the way, I was only able to read about a dozen of these reviews, and only because I was trying to get material for this post. I had to quit because I couldn’t read any longer, having come across reviews such as this one:

Are you all close minded assholes?
I mean honestly. this flash wasnt that good. and anyone who says its a piece of shit and could use some tweaking is right. but anyone else who says he should rot in hell and that the kids didnt deserve to die. think again assholes. he was tormented. those kids got what they deserved. Think about walking into school every day having to be tormented and just waiting for it to end. Well those kids deserved to be shot in the fucking head. No they were not going to cure aids, or help fight cancer, I bet they were just going to flip burgers at burger king. And honestly, anyone can do that. So
atleast 8 or 9 (i dont remeber how many he killed ) scumassholes are gone, so they cant reproduce and torment anymore kids like that kid.

A few reviews come from the victims’ families and friends. They have my deepest sympathy. The rest… like I said. Sick. Sitting in their comfy rooms, typing these reviews… sick sick sick.

PS. I did find a good review, after all. Thank you, whoever posted this. I wholeheartedly agree.

This Needs to Be Removed Now, all you are doing is giving him glory. I guess the needed the disclamer at the top of the page so they dont get in shit. This shouldnt even be on front page. And as for ripredlakehigh if it is true what you say my heart goes out to your family.

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