Wednesday, March 23, 2005

My Two Cents on the Schiavo Case

When K9 was four months old, he was accepted into the hospital with bronchitis. It was in Russia and the usual length of a hospital stay was two weeks. We checked in on a Friday afternoon.

I was asked if I was breastfeeding my son, and said yes. I was then asked if I was feeding him any solids, and said no. Based on that, the hospital denied us food – K9 didn’t need it as he was nursing, and I wasn’t eligible for any, because the hospital only provided food for the patients but not for their parents.

I asked my husband if he could bring us something to eat every day. He got very nervous. He was working two jobs, and now, with me in the hospital, he also had to watch a 3-year-old. He was worried that he would lose his jobs as a result, and he was the sole provider for our family at that time – I was unemployed. There was no way he could buy, cook, and bring us food. Neither could I go out and buy food – it was winter, and I had a sick baby on my hands!

K9 and I spent the weekend in the hospital. After every meal, I’d go to the kitchen and ask for leftovers. There were plenty as many patients were allowed to go home for the weekend. All in all, it wasn’t too bad.

On Monday morning, at a staff meeting, the head nurse stood up and demanded that we be put on a ration. She said, “Only a Nazi would deny a person food”. That settled it. We got our three meals a day.

Only a Nazi would deny a person food.

Think about it.

Since when has it become morally right to starve someone to death? We can argue about the definition of PVS, the quality of life, but one thing stands out. It is never right to let a person starve. We as a society have made a decision that is morally wrong. This scares me. What will be next? And how will we pay for what has been done?

I do not consider myself qualified or informed enough to say more about this case. I will let others speak.

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