Monday, March 21, 2005

Conversations of a Dysfunctional Family

As many other conversations between me and my children, this one took place in the car.

Me (sitting down): Oh, oh! Ouch!
Kids: What?
Me: My jeans are too tight. I gained this weight and I cannot get it off.
I12: Duh, you’ve got to work out.
Me: You’re right “I”. I’m going to start this week.
K9: Nice going, “I”. Now Mom’s gonna be coming home late.

K9: (chatting)
I12: Shut up, “K”
K9: (continues chatting)
I12: I said, shut up “K”!
K9: (continues chatting)
I12 (getting real mad): “K”, I said, shut the fell uck!
(silence in the car)
Me: I love you guys.
I12: Oh, stop it.

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