Saturday, March 26, 2005

Tempur-Pedic Anyone?

I12 is asking for a new mattress. Can’t say I blame him. Like I said here before, the one he has now was bought seven years ago for $59 at Mattress and Furniture Liquidators. To sum it up, the mattress sucks.

Somewhere on the Internet, I12 found out about Tempur-Pedic © and asked us if he could have that. We looked at the prices and said no. I12 then asked if we could order a free sample. So we did.

Yesterday, the sample came. Guess what… it’s a sponge. Granted, it’s a good-smelling sponge, but it is still a sponge. Trust me. I know a sponge when I see one. I buy them regularly, by the dozen, at our dollar store, for dishwashing and housecleaning purposes. That said, I don’t really feel like paying a thousand bucks for a gigantic sponge. And that’s what Mr. Goldie and I said to I12, after we were finally able to stop laughing.

We had to cut the free sample in half, because K9 wanted some too. K9 slept with his. He says it’s soft and cuddly.

Along with the free sample, Tempur-Pedic © has also mailed us a demo videotape, called: “Changing the way the world sleeps”. I haven’t yet seen the tape, but it has already made me think. The people claim to use NASA technologies to make their mattresses, and yet they don’t know how to burn a DVD? Hmm, I really wonder.

I12, in the meantime, is trying to find a way to clone the free sample, and keep cloning it until it is a full mattress. I will keep you updated on how the research progresses.

The Goldie has spoken at 10:42 AM

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