Monday, March 07, 2005


Both our kids have their own computers. We're weird that way. Their furniture was bought in 1998 at Mattress and Furniture Liquidators, but they each have their own computer.

In one of our rare flashes of parenting wisdom, we have configured our wireless router to automatically cut off the kids' Internet access at 11PM every night.

Yesterday, I12 stayed up late because he couldn't sleep. Not sure when he went to bed, but definitely after one in the morning. This morning, I came into his room to wake him up.

The floor was covered with Scientific Americans. On the desk, there was a Bible. In the Bible, there was a bookmark. I opened it - it was the Sermon on the Mount.

Seems like I12 has learned a lot in two hours yesterday. I'm jealous.

I'm going to ask my husband to cut off my Internet access for a couple days.

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