Friday, February 25, 2005

Lots of Teen Angst

Driving the kids to school this morning.

I11: (says something really funny)
I: See, “K”, that's what I like about “I” – it’s so much fun talking with him.
I11: Oh sh!t, then I’m not talking anymore.
K9: Cool, I’ll talk.
(I11 stays quiet for about two minutes, then joins in the conversation)
K9: “I”, how come you’re talking?
I11 (good-naturedly): Oh, shut up.
(Later, we drop K9 off and proceed to I11’s school)
I11: You know, one time, I drank alcohol.
I: When?
I11: When you and Dad weren’t home, I took some beer from the fridge, and I drank it.
I: I don’t think so. You wouldn’t be able to handle the taste.
I11: What’s it taste like?
I: (cracking up)
I11: Oh cr@p! I forgot! I forgot what it tastes like.

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