Sunday, February 20, 2005

Wacky Weekend

It has been an eventful weekend, I guess.

Here’s a brief review of what happened, along with some insightful thoughts.

1) Saturday morning, K9 and I had to get up at 7:30 because he had a basketball game at 9. So, in addition to a bad cough (remains of the flu I had last week) and being on call (got two calls in the middle of the night during the week), I didn’t even get to sleep in on Saturday! Needless to say, I felt pretty fuzzy during the game, whereas the other parents looked very well-rested and were cheering like crazy for their third- and fourth-graders. The Dads in particular were screaming their heads off. I sat next to a little old lady, trying to stay awake. At the end of the game, the lady turns to me and says, “I feel sorry for these poor kids!” And I, in my half-awake state that somehow prompted me to speak my mind, replied, “I’d really like to take all these middle-aged guys that are yelling right now, get them out on the field, and have them play against each other”. I swear I meant to say it in a really quiet voice – I didn’t mean it to carry across the entire gym! Every single Dad in the room turned around and looked at me… very embarrassing. I was half expecting them to team up and beat me up after the game. But they didn’t, no doubt due to my irresistible charm.

2) This morning on the way to church, we drive past this police station, right? In the driveway, there’s a police car trying to get out. Except, since he doesn’t have his turn signal on, and since it’s, well, a police car, everybody thinks it’s a speed trap, so when people drive past the guy, everybody slows down, which means he cannot get out. Took him forever to pull out of there. Made our day.

3) I decided to be proactive today and brought my laptop to church, so in case I get a call, I can dial in from there. I was so proud of myself until I realized I’d left my cell and pager at home, therefore wouldn’t be able to get any calls. Takes a special kind of blonde, huh?

4) Just an observation – have you ever noticed how difficult it is to do housework when it’s winter and it is cold in the house and you are wearing warm clothes? Like, two sweaters and a pair of leggings and a pair of sweatpants on top? I just used that as an excuse to quit cleaning the house and get back on my computer. I will return to my scheduled cleaning sometime in May.

5) Another observation – if you want to spend quality time with your children… get in the car together and take them someplace far. You will have a fascinating conversation together, as long as they cannot get out.

6) Final observation – Sunday evening feels so much better when you know you have Monday off! Hooray!

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