Sunday, February 06, 2011

More Romantic Poetry

Long story behind this one.

One time on a hike, I sat down and I heard,
A moth and a flower were having a word.
The moth said, "I'm not that attracted, you see,
You're just another blue flower to me.
I was flying through the woods, I was hungry and beat.
You looked like a good place to rest and to eat.
You know the red rose? That's where I'd rather be,
But she's too selective, she'll never have me.
So let's keep it simple, and let's keep it plain -
I eat here, I rest here, I eat here again.
It's easy and perfect, so why complicate?
Open up, by the way. It's about time I ate."

The flower just stood there, not making a sound.
A few of its petals fell down to the ground.
I got up and went back home to my family.
They're just some kids and a dog, but they care about me.

The Goldie has spoken at 6:15 PM

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