Wednesday, February 02, 2011

I Cannot Believe This Thing Still Works

I stopped writing two years ago for a variety of reasons. Mostly, too many people IRL knew about this blog. When I realized I was getting three hits a day from Mr.Goldie's best friend's wife, I quit posting. Thing is, I had too much crap going on to share it freely with my real-life friends and colleagues.

I'm pretty anonymous now, as far as I can tell.

No one will probably read this, but so what.

I won't be moving to Wordpress, because I can't afford to pay for this thing. Ever since Mr. Goldie and I went our separate ways a year ago, I've been on a budget.

Being on a budget is not as bad as it sounds. That's how most of this country lives.

The kids and I lived in an apartment for a while. I liked it; they didn't. After I failed at getting my apartment management to allow Sparky to live with us, I bought a house. The downpayment ate all my savings, but it's totally worth it. My monthly payments are in fact the same amount as my rent used to be. It's a tiny, cheap house. It's perfect for our small family.

I have pretty colorful neighbors on my one side. The neighbors on my other side are selling. They got old and had to move in with their kids, as they cannot live on their own anymore.

A few more things happened over these two years. I left church; I went to the 2009 Mensa AG and loved it - will be going again this year; LilProgrammer is going to college this fall and is getting a shitload of merit awards! Full tuition and a small part of room and board. How bout that?

I took an online writing class and graduated with a recommendation for an advanced course. Still saving up for it. Nothing published yet, though.

I have very cool kids. I'm not going to be writing a whole lot about them, but they're pretty awesome.

I will post pictures if I ever find my flickr pasword.

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