Sunday, November 09, 2008

This Only Applies to DOGS! Sheesh.

So yesterday, we visited a family that also has a dog. Naturally, we played with the pooch all evening. When we came home, Sparky ran out to greet us, as usual. I knew what was coming. He stopped in his tracks, and started sniffing me with a solemn look on his face. He smelled the other dog on me. How can I forgive you for this? his face said.

I tried to reason with him:

"Ahhh, Spoo! So I played with another dog. So what? I still love you more!"

Spoo keeps on sniffing.

"Can't I play with another dog?"

*sniff sniff*

"It's no big deal, Sparky."

*sniff sniff* This dog sure knows how to send us on guilt trips.

"Aw, come on, Sparky, it's just a one-night stand! It doesn't count!"

And right away, I found out these are the wrong words to say to your dog in front of your husband.

*** *** ***

I'm going to go all political on your ass now. So I'm in my Sunday school class today, right? If you remember, I teach Sunday school, fourth grade. Well, assistant-teach, anyway. My partner does most of the work. He's a guy that's relatively new to this church I'm guessing, because I only met him two months ago, when we were paired up. This is an Orthodox church, so you can guess most people there are conservative as heck. I was hoping to avoid talking politics with anyone in church today, but no. It came up in class.

"Kids, we have a new President."

"Yah, really!" one of the kids says. "Who wanted him, anyway?"

The smallest girl in class raised her hand. Nobody else does. She just sits there alone with her hand up.

Now, how can I let a small kid in my class take all the heat, right? I've got to back her up. I raise my hand.

So does my partner. Wow.

Unreal. You guys in the blue states will never understand how it felt.

And then we continued with the lesson.

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