Tuesday, October 28, 2008

LilProgrammer says...

"... Save our schools, vote issue 129".

This is the second school levy this year. I voted no on the first. Here's why.

Back in March, when the school sent out the list of cuts they would have to make if the levy didn't pass, they were all cuts to high school sports teams and cheerleading squad.

Much like Johnny Smith in the "Dead Zone", when I touched the school's poster, I got a glimpse of the future, and this is what I saw:

The levy passes.

Our taxes go up.

School invests all the money into jocks and cheerleaders.

It then suddenly realizes that there is still not enough cash for AP classes and school busing.

On November 4th, the school asks for more money on top of what it got in March.

Voters say, "Oh hell to the NO!"

We say good-bye to AP classes and school busing. Jocks and cheerleaders don't notice.

So, I voted no. So apparently did a few other people, because the levy failed. Hey, we were just being helpful.

This time is different. There's serious stuff on the line now. In the long run, this will determine our city's demography. Because, let's be serious, there's nothing spectacular about our city, other than our really good schools. The shabby houses, the traffic jams, the Walmart and the permanent construction just aren't that huge of a draw. Schools get worse, people are gonna leave.

My one son is in an AP class, and the other plans on taking them when he's old enough. If you live in our city, they're asking you to vote yes.

Please, think of the cute AP students.

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