Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pet Peeves

Our dog Sparky hates the sound of a ringing phone. If a phone rings and you go to pick it up, Sparky will jump up and try to bite you. Got me on the leg once. We had to buy tons of stations and install them all over the house.

He doesn't mind cell phones though. It's just the landline with that old-fashioned ring that sets him off.

If you sneeze around Sparky, he gets just as agitated. He also becomes jumpy and barky when you try to close a laptop. Recent experiments have shown that Sparky doesn't like it when you shake your ass at him. He will bark ferociously at said ass.

When you're leaving the house, Sparky will come to see you off. But don't be fooled by the big, sad puppy-dog eyes. When you go, "Bye, doggy" and pet him good-bye, the doggy will attempt to bite your hand off. I got really angry at him today when stupid mutt almost ripped my fave new fingerless gloves.

We wish Sparky could talk, because we honestly have no idea what's so evil about a phone. Why must the laptop stay open? Why can't I sneeze?! Doggy logic is such a mystery. Any guesses?

The Goldie has spoken at 9:44 PM

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