Friday, June 10, 2005

Don’t Change the Color of Your Hair… Or You May Freak Out

Billy Joel was right on about that. Don't. Just don't.

I am very lucky. I have found a stylist who agreed to cut my hair, my Mom’s, and my both boys… for a reasonable price. I was getting worried about the boys’, because of the long hair styles that are suddenly in this year - I’m afraid Creat Clips just won’t be up to the challenge! So, I’m really glad I found this woman.

One thing happened, though. As she was cutting my hair four days ago, she was commenting on its color. For the last eighteen years, I’ve been a pretty radical blonde, as you can see in this photo from two years ago:

Need I tell you that this color has been out of style for the last ten or fifteen years? Not that I care. Well, my new stylist apparently does, because she called my hair color unnatural and vulgar, and advised that I change it to ash blonde.

As I made an appointment for next week for one of my boys, I realized that I better change my hair color now, if I don’t want to hear about it each time I come over myself or with one of my kids. Besides, I was curious (like I am most of the time about pretty much anything). So, a box of Medium Ash Blonde color was purchased, and yesterday, my Mom dyed my hair. An hour later, I was looking in the mirror at a dark-haired woman! This is seriously freaking me out! I’ll post a picture when I get around to taking it.

These are the sacrifices a mother has to take for her children. I mean, it was either that or take them to Great Clips!

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