Monday, January 19, 2009

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Since you cannot make me go outside in this weather, I've been using my dog lately to find out what it's like outside. Here's how it works. You let your dog out for a few minutes and then observe him closely when he comes back in.

Dog is wet - it's raining

Dog is covered in snow - it's snowing

You cannot let dog out, because door won't open - over 20 inches of snow

You let dog out and he doesn't come back - minus 30 degrees or lower. Dog froze to the ground.

Dog smells bad - the snow has melted away completely

Dog yelps when you let him out - hail

Dog disappears - tornado

*** *** ***

For the last two weekends, we've been trying to take the dog to a new dog park. So far no luck. It has become a personal challenge for me, so I'll keep trying. I will keep you updated. Here's our progress so far.

Week 1 - 10 inches of snow, trip canceled.

Week 2 - light snow and 10 degree temperature. CB and I dress in layers and head out. GPS doesn't recognize dog park address as valid location, but agrees to take us to a nearby street. GPS takes us to the wrong exit and down random side streets. We magically end up in front of a bar where I met with friends three weeks ago. Walk dog around the parking lot. Realize it's freezing cold. Head back. Dog inexplicably happy.

Maybe the park doesn't exist. We'll keep trying. We will find it eventually, and it better not suck.
In other news, the Goldie household was without water for 18 hours this weekend because a pipe burst. I hadn't realize how much I love water. One of the rare weekends when I actually looked forward to coming back to work. Ugh. Happy Monday!

Here's a random picture for your enjoyment. House FTW.

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