Thursday, January 20, 2005

Ready for the Weekend!

It's been a long week.

Monday - don't remember much of it. Spent most of the day trying to stay awake.

Tuesday - a Dad of K9's classmate called our home number, asking for K9. He wanted to talk about the disciplinary issues his son has been having lately. This is the second call K9 gets from this family. Apparently, the boy likes K9 and keeps trying to talk to him in class, which results in detentions for both of them. The parents, no doubt after a long discussion and hours of research, decided that K9 is being a bad influence on their son and the only way to solve the problem is for them to call K9 directly and give him the what for. Fortunately, this time I was the one that answered the phone. I'm still wondering how they came up with the idea.

Wednesday - got into yet another fight with my parents about (what else) raising K9. They babysit him on weekdays. They used to babysit both kids, but have already given up on I11. They think I'm doing it wrong, I think they're doing it wrong, they think I don't care about him, I think they're spoiling him rotten. So we both yell at each other while K9 is sitting quietly in his room playing computer games. Except this time I added new flavor to the game by telling them, "A. and I have been watching you and K9 and thinking about it, and we've decided we need to have a third child". I can't believe my parents didn't even wait for the punchline on that one - I was going to tell them: "because that's the only way to stop you from treating K9 like a baby"! Except I never got to, because they got all scared and hysterical and all serious-like and started asking me rhetorical questions such as: "Do you want us dead?" It all quickly evolved into a screaming contest from there. And to think that I was trying to give them a good laugh! Sheesh.

Today - good so far, except for the part when a recruiter called me five minutes ago, and we launched into the usual routine. You know, the one where a recruiter calls you at work, and you're sharing the cube with five other people, and he's asking you, "so how much did you say you make?", and you tell him that you cannot talk at your desk and will call him back in a minute from a different number, and he says okay, and you race into a meeting room and close the door, and by the time you've dialed the recruiter's number... he's gone. Happens to me all the time. I don't know how they do it. I guess they just take off running as soon as they hang up. Makes you wonder why they call in the first place. Must be some sort of game they play when they're bored at work.

But none of this really matters, because I am going out tonight and I'm working from home tomorrow! I'm going to disconnect the phone and ask my parents to please not visit us just for this one day, and I'm going to call the recruiter back and put him on speaker and play some nice hip-hop music in the background, and after I'm done, I'll disconnect that phone again. I just know it's going to be a terrific Friday, followed by a fabulous weekend!

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